How to protect your ears during a concert

Protect your ears when at a concert

For most people, loud music adds to their concert experience. It is likely though that many notice a ringing in their ears once the concert has ended. This ringing is known as temporary tinnitus and is evidence of damage to the ears due to the loud noise. This damage is easily preventable with these simple tips! 

1. Stock Up on Ear Plugs

Before you head to a concert, make sure to bring along a pair of ear plugs – or two pairs for your friend that may have forgotten them. Usually volume levels are so high that you will still be able to enjoy the music while also protecting you ears. This is an easy and affordable way to protect your hearing.

2. Pick Your Seat Carefully

Being front row is nice, but often it’s the worst for your ears! Consider seat proximity to the speakers when choosing your seat next time. Try and pick a seat that is a reasonable distance from the loud speakers. It may seem great is the moment, but leaving with a ringing in your ears can be a potential sign of permanent damage.

3.  Take A Break!

Enjoying 2 or 3 hours of live music might seem like a dream – but this also means that your ears don’t get a break either.During a lull in the concert take some time to step outside for a moment to allow your ears to re-adjust to normal noise levels. It’s better than nothing!

You don’t have to avoid loud venues or eliminate going to concerts to protect your hearing. Just put some ear plugs in, pick a better seat and rock on!

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