Enjoy the Sounds of the Season

Enjoy the season with hearing loss

The holiday season is right around the corner!

For the most of us, this joyful season is filled with family dinners, celebrations, gatherings with friends, holiday parties, and an enormous amount of socializing. It is a fun time to bundle up and enjoy the decorations as well as the general magical feeling of happiness that comes along with the season. However, if you are not careful, all of the socializing and holiday hubbub can become quite overwhelming. With hearing loss, this can be quite a difficult time. This season, try these few tips to ensure that you have a more joyful holiday experience.

1. Wear your hearing devices 

Though you may not like wearing your hearing devices, wearing them will really help! Try experimenting with different settings on your device to find out what is optimal. You can even practice at home before hand if you do not want to experiment at the event. It may take some time getting used to the new setting, but the investment will be worth your while.

2. Buddy up

Find a friend or family member with whom you can partner up with at the party. This person can help you feel more included in conversations and fill you in on others that you may have missed.

3. Pick your ideal seat 

If you are having a sit down dinner, pick the seat in the corner nearest to a close friend or relative. This way you have a better chance at enjoying conversations and your holiday meal.

4. Inform your host 

Don’t be shy, inform your host of your needs. If the background music or TV levels are too high, ask if it could be lowered to avoid straining your ears. If the lighting is dim, politely ask if the host would mind brightening up the room to help you pick up on better visual clues.

An important step to take is to seek out the help of one of our hearing professionals who can meet your personal needs. Before your holiday events start, make an appointment to discuss ways to make this holiday season more enjoyable. We, at Landmark Hearing would overjoyed to serve you!

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