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Hearing Story!

“Hearing loss is a mystery. Mine crept up on me slowly. I didn’t really even recognize that I had hearing loss, all I knew was that I couldn’t understand what was happening around me. I struggled daily with conversations from one end of the house to the other, talking on the phone, and frequently I realized that the TV and the radio volumes were becoming an issue for me,” stated Don Zonic.

Don Zonic knew Dr. Sandra was an Audiologist after hearing about her trade at church. After some convincing, he got his hearing tested at Landmark Hearing Services in Saratoga and soon found out that he had hearing loss in one of his ears.

Landmark Hearing introduced him to a new device that could sync to his iPhone. He stated, “I used to have to sit with my back against a wall instead of being in the middle of a room. This new hearing aid made it so that I could adjust volumes in noisy settings as well as be hands free when on the phone!”

After returning home with his new device, he was baffled by the things he was hearing. “I was hearing a very loud noise that I didn’t recognize. It was our dog drinking water from her bowl! I never knew how emotional a man could get over hearing his dog drink water”, he stated. This was just the beginning of many new discoveries for Don.

“Thank you Landmark Hearing on behalf of myself, my wife, family, and friends for the huge life improvement! I am really enjoying my improved hearing ability. For those considering getting their hearing checked, “just do it!” The quality and vitality of your life and those you interact with are at stake.”

         – Don Zonic

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