We Are More Than Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids


Loving what you hear begins with expertise. Your hearing solution is dependent upon the judgment, skill, and experience of our licensed professionals who will partner with you for one-to-one success.

Our staff of licensed Audiologists, Dispensers, Hearing Instrument Specialists and Audiology Aides is available 5 days a week. Most of your concerns can be handled within 24 hours.

Comprehensive, advanced hearing evaluations

Our hearing examination will test how well you hear sounds and speech. It provides us with the precise measurement of your hearing. An audiologist will determine your range of hearing and recommend a personalized treatment and management plan for you. This plan may include medical intervention and/or a prescription for hearing devices.

Hearing device fitting with a 60-day Risk-Free evaluation

For the evaluation, our professional staff will help you select and fit your hearing devices. They are programmed based on a prescription that is specific to your personal requirements. Following the programming, a Landmark hearing professional may make adjustments to your devices to make sure the settings and fit are right for you.

Hearing device accessories for use with telephone, television, music, and more

We will demonstrate how the latest custom ear pieces for cell phones, headsets, Bluetooth compatible devices, hands-free hearing and more can work with your hearing device to add convenience to your lifestyle.

On-site lab repairs

Most of the common repairs caused by wax, moisture, perspiration and dust can be addressed in the office setting in a short period of time – others may need to be sent to the manufacturer for evaluation. Our professionals will help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing device is in need of service.

Extended Service Agreement

Landmark Hearing Services offers full service of your hearing devices with our Landmark Loyalty Program. All professional services, adjustments, modifications, hearing profile updates, counseling, routine cleanings and loaner devices are included.

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