Is my cell phone damaging my hearing?

Tinnitus in Teens

The number of teenagers with tinnitus reaches alarming levels due to mobile devices.

Tinnitus affects approximately 300 million people worldwide and according to a new study this number is only going to increase.

A group of scientist at McMaster University, Ontario, tested a total of 170 students’ and found that there is an increasingly high number of individuals who are suffering from persistent noises in their ears, that only impact those over the age of 50.

Of those tested they found that over a quarter are experiencing chronic, prolonged tinnitus. Tinnitus is the ringing or buzzing of the ears.

This drastic increase is a cause of harmful listening habits such as loud music at parties, clubs and personal listening devices like cell phones. According to the researchers, these are things that a majority of all students engage in.

The test discovered that those experiencing tinnitus were more likely to have a significantly lower tolerance for loud noises. This is a hidden sign of permanent damage to the nerves that process sound within the ears. As a result, it can lead to severe hearing impairment later in life.

While some forms of hearing impairment can be repaired, nerve damage cannot be undone. The only solution is prevention.

5 Ways To Protect Your Hearing 

  • Turn the volume down
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises 
  • Use ear plugs around loud noises 
  • Use noise canceling head phones
  • Get regular hearing check ups

The message here is to protect your ears!

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